Lexington Farmer's Market


The application for the 2017 market season is now available.

2017 Artisans Tent Application

We will be accepting applications until the end of March.  Late applications will be considered for our waiting list.

Any questions, please email Adrian at [email protected]

In 2007, the Lexington Farmers’ Market was pleased to provide tent space for local artisans.  Each week four artisans are invited to share two tents to display their work and provide items for sale.  The selection includes a variety of work, from jewelry and ceramics to fiber-arts and hand-crafted furniture.

We invite you to stop by the market and view the work of these creative and talented individuals.


Arbalest Press

Arbalest Press: Our studio occupies a second-floor space at the Stove Factory in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston.  We produce a range of unique stationery and fine art products, print custom designs, and offer year-round workshops of all kinds.  Our studio includes an array of type and presses, including three Vandercook Proofing Presses and an Intaglio Press.

Art Feltery

Artist: Elizabeth Stubbs

I am a felt artist, creating small three-dimensional felt objects from unspun sheep’s wool.  I also make wool paintings to hang on the wall from the same materials.  I use a combination of wet and dry felting techniques.

The Bead Lady

Pam Newman makes custom jewelry using fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones, sterling and gold filled beads and chains, and crystals.  Many unique pieces are also available for children’s parties or adult girls’ night out.

Blade and Wheel Jewelry and Pottery

Blade and Wheel produces both pottery and jewelry. Judy creates the beautiful and useful pottery. There are bowls of many sizes and colors. The mugs, often large, include natural designs on the outside surfaces.
The jewelry involves cutting meaningful designs with a jeweler’s saw from coins and tableware (spoons, forks & knives). Some of the jewelry is made from fine silver with colorful enamels (Champleve  Enamels). John designs and executes these pieces, and will demonstrate his cutting technique on site.


“Be true to your materials”. I learned this principle at art school long ago but it still informs my clothing design practice. Each new knit fabric is draped on a form, and the design will evolve as I learn its particular properties. I also try to be true to my customers, by creating simple designs with character and individuality but that also flow and flatter their bodies rather than fight their curves. I often distort the fabric surface with invented stitch details which help to define and shape the final design. It’s a intuitive process and my work isn’t something that could ever be handed over to a factory. I handle every aspect myself, from draping to pattern making and grading, to cutting and sewing each piece of clothing.

It’s important to me that my clothing is for everyday use, worn by women as they live their daily lives. I studied sculpture at art school and became interested in installation art where you might be able to affect someone, albeit for a brief moment, and perhaps soon forgotten. Working as a designer has been far more satisfying as I hear back from clients who love wearing my clothing. Selling at shows, and meeting new and old clients is an important part of my creative process.

Gabe and Leah Cooper

Gabe and Leah make hand stenciled canvas tote bags.

The DandiLyon Group

Artist: Jane Lyon

A Joyful Celebration of Women’s Art, Music & Culture For The Pioneer Valley

Dave Gehman

I am a writer and painter… and once was a potter and ceramic sculptor. People who buy my art tell me that I have a strong sense of color, and well I might, since I’ve played with it for years… and came from Cleveland, where there is no color. My star to steer by? There’s always more to learn, always more to see, always more to try to capture and pass along.

Whatever is good in my work comes from a handful of artists who have been willing to pass along the deepest of information… Stapleton Kearns (the wind and the snow), Mike Rooney (the Cape and Acadia), John Clayton (Provincetown and Orleans), Brother Eugene DiLauro (the beauty in my town — and in his spirituality).


Artist: Ania Davis

My motto: “There is Beauty in Simplicity”
I am passionate about natural beauty and history of Baltic amber. I design around the amber, as not to destroy its inner beauty. This ancient gem is accompanied with subtle presence of brushed sterling silver, 22k gold over sterling and other natural stones/elements necessary to make for a simple, minimal, pure, yet dynamic look.


Erin Moran Designs

Erin Moran hand-builds ceramic tableware using a low fire white clay and uderglazes.  She keeps the forms and colors simple, which makes them perfect for blending with her customer’s other pottery collections.  Erin says, “If you have never tried using hand-built ceramics you will be amazed at how much you love it!”

Esoterica Jewelry

Erica Smiley creates jewelry with repurposed vintage pieces including brooches, clip earrings, and buckles.

Her other business is Smiley Baby Hats that are handmade for all ages.  Erica has been crocheting since she was eight, learning from her grandma.

Eyes of the World Photography

Artist: Terri Ackerman

My intention is to capture and emphasize the beauty of local landscapes and wildlife all around us.

We are always dashing around, way too busy, and then suddenly a magnificent blue heron sweeps across the river. During moments like these, time seems to stop for a few magical moments.

In addition to landscapes and wildlife, I sometimes create abstract patterns from the water, sky, or leaves, by intentionally blurring the focus, using high or low lighting, or approaching from a weird angle. For example I love the way light was streaking in behind the Great Blue Heron in “Heron in Shimmer”.

Freehand Cards & Sculpture

The beauty of nature is always calling to me, from the graceful red winged black bird in flight, the stately presence of a barred owl or the stunning elegance of an Iris.  I enjoy trying to capture their essence in my favorite medium pastel and colored pencil.   I’ve been selling my work as note cards locally since 2007.

I have several different lines a simple ‘Birthday line” with some humorous captions and the “cattitude line” especially targeted to cat lovers like myself, Woof Wisdom, Inspiration, Thank You, Holidays, All Occasion Card and lots of Bird Cards.  My card catalogue is constantly evolving and changing to reflect the seasons and holidays and capture our beautiful world.

Hearth & Harrow

At Hearth and Harrow we create art for your home.  Casey Everett’s sophisticated, elegant, and natural designs enliven every item we offer to you.

We are committed to providing you with high quality, ethical, and environmentally friendly products, offering only items that we would use or display in our own home.

Iris Design

Artist: Pat Mulloney

Decoupage is a French craft that originated in the 18th century. Liberally translated,the term means”applied cutouts”. I use the decoupage technique on many objects…furniture,large and small boxes,glass and marble tiles. My greatest satisfaction occurs when someone, observing one of my pieces, asks if it is hand painted…rather than paper cutouts.


Knitting Mills

Artist:  Barbara Mills

The Knitting Mills hand-knit children sweaters in sizes newborn to 6.  They also offer hand knitted mittens, scarves, afghans and doll outfits.


Artist: Lacey Goodrich

My work is inspired by pattern, color, and nature.  It incorporates design, ceramics, and painting.  I only represent things I find in my garden and yard; I am so lucky this is what I get to do!

Mayur Naturals

Mayur Naturals is a personal and skin care line with products that are natural, fresh, made in small batches, using high quality ingredients.  I use only natural ingredients and do not add synthetic chemicals to our products.  No animal testing and paraben free.  The majority of my skincare products are vegan friendly and gluten free.  I do not use cheap fillers and massive amounts of ingredients.  Instead, all ingredients are carefully chosen for their healing properties and the minimalist approach ensures every key ingredient is delivered without compromise.  If you have a custom request, please contact us on our website.

Mei Mei of Lexington

Artist:  Henrietta Mei

Mei Mei of Lexington, Fine Handcrafted Jewelry, in business since 2002.  One-of-a-kind jewelry designed and created by owner and registered architect Henrietta Mei.  Her jewelry is made out of fine hand selected beads during her travels abroad.  They are made of hand-made glass, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and metals right here in Lexington, MA.

Nicobar Isle Inc.

The woman behind the brand is Lavanya Coodly. For Lavanya, designing was a quietly nurtured passion that segued into a full time career in 2013. After spending many years in the world of science, it was time for a big change. Re-tooling with a degree in business, developing her women’s wear label became the obvious second career of choice. Thus, a company was born. And with it, the opportunity to own, create and develop a brand built on new ideas.


Artist:  Susan Rioff

The rustic furniture which Susan builds is handmade from fallen tree branches, prunings, and trees cleared for other uses of the land; she also finds unwanted wood pieces from building demolition and construction sites.  Rustica furniture includes tables, benches, stools, planters, and trellises.  All proceeds are donated to the Boston Minstrel Company, bringing music to homeless shelters and prisons in the Boston area.

Sandy Teng

Sandy’s Succulents: Sandy creates artistic succulent arrangements in various containers.

Succulents are surging in popularity for several reasons: they are beautiful, nearly indestructible, and add interesting color and texture to small quiet spaces at home or office.  Along with an artful array of shapes, succulents also bring healing, harmony, and energy to your soul.  Sandy likes to share the vibrant succulents with the community and likes to meet succulent-lovers.

Shayna’s Handmade Bags

Artist:  Shayna Loeffler

Handmade handbags from mostly recycled materials such as leather, upholstery samples and remnants, antique rugs and interesting things I find.  The bags are made entirely by me.

Stayman Designs

From my hands to yours, these original handcrafted designs brighten living and gift giving. Celebrate every day with these thoughtful, colorful and imaginative cards, paperweights, prints, and more!
Studio 109
Kevin Nee is a life long woodworker who now uses the lathe to produce art & usable items.
He chooses local woods with most being chosen for unique characteristics.  Burls are a favorite.
Suzette Durso

Artist: Suzette Durso

Making books is my passion.  Most of my books are covered with my handmade paste paper and/or marbled paper.  I love exploring with bright colors, texture, layering paint and new bookmaking techniques.  For my leather books, I use recycled leather and my marbled paper for the end papers.  My books can be used for collaging, writing and/or drawing.

Total ReFab

Shana Maracle is the chief “reFabber” of Total ReFab.  Proud mom of six wonderful children who patiently put up with her endless endeavor to take things and make them into something better.  She breathes new life into tired things like old sheets and pillowcases, t-shirts, ties, and sweaters.  She carefully crafts them into produce bags, market totes, scarves, necklaces, and dresses.  Her motto is “Everything Deserves a Second Chance.”


Wachusett Naturals

Artist: Tracy Goitein

We offer all natural products for your home and every member of your family including your pets.

Your Turn Art

Artist: Laurie Bogdan

My work is filled with nostalgia and whimsy.  The mixed media collage work is created from vintage maps and paper in combination with other found objects.  I use vintage board games parts for my home decor and jewelry.  My work combines fashion with fun and games.