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Alex’s Ugly Sauce

Alex’s Ugly Sauce is the artisanal hot sauce you’ve been looking for! Alex uses only the best all-natural ingredients available to create a unique combination of flavor and heat that adds a kick to your favorite dishes and complements their flavors without overwhelming them.

Conscientiously grown produce from Stillman’s Farm, honey from bees allowed to flourish in secluded areas of Massachusetts away from commercial developments, and carefully selected salt and spices – these all give Alex’s Ugly Sauce its distinctive flavor and multi-faceted burn that will make you wonder what you ever saw in those other hot sauces.

When did hot sauce become a test of machismo to see how much pain you can endure, or simply an afterthought used to top every meal? Of course you can put hot sauce on everything (Alex recommends it, in fact!), but you should also feel good about which hot sauce you choose to add. Try Alex’s Ugly Sauce on your next meal and see how good it feels (and tastes) to get Ugly!

At the market: Every other week starting May 26th.

Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm

Ann Kiessling leads this grade A microdairy in raising happy healthy goats! Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm pasteurizes goat milk to produce fresh milk, cheese, and soap!

At the market: All season.

Boston Smoked Fish Co.

The Boston Smoked Fish Company’s goal is to produce the most distinctively delicious smoked fish available using sustainably-harvested fish, locally-sourced ingredients, and all-natural, small-batch preparation. We believe it is important for people to know what they eat, and that is why we use locally-sourced ingredients from the communities in which we live and work.

At the market: All season.

Boston Sword & Tuna

Founded in 2003, Boston Sword & Tuna is a “hands-on” company started by people who learned the fish business from the bottom up.

At the market: All season.

Busa Farm

F. Busa Farm grows high-quality fruits and vegetable in fields in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, and Woburn. Located on Route 2A in Concord, F. Busa Farm is part of the Battle Road Farms Initiative, a project to protect and interpret agricultural landscape in the Minuteman National Historical Park.

At the market: All season.

Calcutta Curry

Calcutta Curry produces frozen Indian food in small batches that are preservative free. They offer catering, cooking classes and personal chef services as well!

At the market: June 23, July 14, August 4, August 25, September 8, and October 6.

Charlton Orchards, Farm & Winery

Charlton Orchards, a working family farm located in Charlton, MA, sells seasonal fruits and vegetables, including berries, apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, squash, homemade pies and award winning wine.

At the market: All season.

Chestnut Farms

Chestnut Farms is passionate about quality meat which means great animals. Their animals enjoy fresh air, green grass, and sunshine on a daily basis. They strive to ensure a high quality of life and a low stress for the livestock. Their farming practices are animal centered with a focus on land stewardship. This includes rotational grazing, moving chicken buses, not using the same pig pasture two years in a row and soil testing prior to amending their fields. Numerous studies have shown that animals raised on pasture are healthier themselves, healthier for us to consume and much better for our environment.

At the market: At the market: All season.

Coastal Vineyards

Coastal Vineyards in Dartmouth, MA is a winery run by lovers of wine. Their love of wines led them to pursue their dreams and establish their own fully functioning vineyard. In 2004 they located a 14 acre plot of land previously used for corn. They will feature Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling, and a variety of other red and white grape wine varieties to serve alongside your delicious summer meals.

At the market: Every other Tuesday beginning May 26th.

Copicut Farms

Copicut Farms, located in Dartmouth, is owned and operated by a fourth generation Massachusetts farm family. They raise pasture-fed poultry, which means all of their birds spend their lives foraging on pesticide-free pastures with constant access to fresh grass, legumes, and insects.

At the market: All season.

Crescent Ridge Dairy

Based in Sharon, MA, Crescent Ridge is a family owned dairy that has been providing home delivery since 1932. In addition to home delivery, their glass bottled, small batch milk, and award winning ice cream can be found at our own Lexington Farmers’ Market.

At the market: June 2nd, 16th, and 30th.


Goodies, a web-based gift box cookie company, makes homemade cookies using the finest ingredients and loaded with chocolate, fruit and nuts, with no preservatives or trans fats.

At the market: All season.

Hi Rise Bread Company

Hi-Rise Bread Company sells mouth-watering sweets, breads and other prepared foods made fresh in their kitchen located on Concord Ave. in Cambridge.

At the market: All season.

In Good Taste

In Good Taste produces Pam’s Black Bean Salsa, an all-natural salsa with no preservatives and loaded with black beans, corn and roasted red peppers marinated in a secret blend of spices.

At the market: June 23, July 7, July 21, August 11, August 25, September 8, September 22, and October 13.

Jubali Juice

Jubali’s goal is to make the healthiest, most delicious food and drinks they can while making a positive social and environmental impact. They are USDA certified organic and source locally when they can from farms in MA, including Stillman’s Farm, one of the LFM favorites!

Jubali is a brand embodying the desire to transform through vitality. They believe that food is a crucial element of the more beautiful world in which we want to live and which we are working to create — a world of vibrantly healthy people living on an ecologically thriving planet. Our food choices are everyday votes with our dollars for what kind of world we desire. Our food links our personal health to the kinds of ecosystems we support. Through our social-impact campaigns, Jubali  gives you the opportunity to nourish your body and your world.

At the market: All season

Nella Pasta

A unique, handcrafted mixture of produce, artisanal cheese, our signature wheat blend, and a profound respect for the freshness you find in Italy. We choose vegetables picked locally and in season whenever possible; roast, sauté or steam them for the best flavor, and complement them with creative and unexpected ingredients like specialty cheeses, fresh herbs, nuts and dried fruits.

Then there’s our secret ingredient, a sustainable food movement, which is blended into each pillowy bite. Put it all together and you have a truly exceptional ravioli that’s good for you too. A NOTION WORTH CHEWING OVER INDEED!

At the market: All season.

On the Edge Knife Sharpening

Specializing in kitchen knives, On the Edge Knife Sharpening will sharpen hunting knives, garden tools, and personal and pet grooming shears.Be sure to bring along all your essential household knives for a quick sharpening as you shop the market.

At the market: May 26, Jun 23, Jul 28, Aug 25, Sep 22, Oct 27.

Patty’s Guacamole

More information coming soon!

At the market: All season.

Pure 7 Chocolate

Pure 7 began as a quest to make wholesome, delicious chocolate that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish your body. They craft raw artisan chocolate using the world’s purest and best ingredients and use innovative low heat techniques to keep the chocolate in its most pure and potent form. The chocolate is sweetened naturally using only raw honey! No dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugars, preservatives, or chemicals- only pure ingredients.

At the market: Every week.

Red Apple Farm

Red Apple Farm is a fourth-generation family farm located in Central Mass. just off Route 2, and features apples, peaches, pears, pumpkins, blueberries, raspberries, potatoes, and heirloom tomatoes, as well as all-natural cider and doughnuts.

At the market: Every Tuesday beginning July 18th.

River Rock Farm

River Rock Farms raises beef cattle and provides USDA-inspected, natural, aged quality beef to retail customers and restaurants.  Cattle are raised in pastures and are not treated with artificial hormones, growth stimulants, or antibiotic feed additives.

At the market: All season.

Roasted Granola Company

Based in Lexington, The Roasted Granola makes small batches of granola that is good for you and delicious! Their granola is made with the freshest ingredients, using local honey and fresh Greek olive oil, cranberries chopped by hand, and roasted nuts.

They make and sell their granola locally, and add the date of roast to the granola, this way you can ensure the freshest, crunchiest and most tasty granola on the planet.

At the market: All season.

Samira’s Homemade

Samira’s Homemade offers the very best authentic Egyptian and Lebanese food, made from family recipes in small batches. Healthy, delicious and made from fresh ingredients with no added preservatives, products include several varietis of hummus, baba gannough, tabouli, ful madammas (the national dish of Egypt) and pita bread.

At the market: All season.

SA’s Homestyle Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Sa’s Homestyle is the maker of Sa’s Sweet and Spicy Sauce. Our magical sauces enhance the taste of anything they’re put on. Versatile, it can be used as a dipping/finishing sauce, marinade, BBQ sauce/additive, or cooking ingredient. We offer the following varieties: X-Hot, Hot, Mild, and both Hot & Mild w/ organic cider vinegar. These sauces have some warmth, but even our spiciest variety will not set your mouth on fire!

At the market: Every other week starting June 2nd.

Scoopsies Ice Cream

Scoopsies’ ice cream is hand-crafted, fresh from the cow, and wholesome in every way. It’s made from scratch, in the smallest of batches, so every bite is thought out. The dairy is sourced from White Mountain Jersey and Holstein cows that are thoughtfully cared for and never treated with hormones. The ice cream is unadulterated — you’ll never see stabilizers or corn syrups in our batter, only real ingredients that are often locally foraged. Ready to dig in?

At the market: Third Tuesday of the month.

Seasoned and Spiced

Having worked as a global chef, conducting gourmet caterings and events for corporate clients, friends and family, Seasoned and Spiced was born as an inspiration to provide prepared meals for working families. Seasoned and Spiced products are made from local, seasonal finest quality ingredients that were good for health and delicious!

At the market: May 26, June 9 & 30, July 28, August 11, September 1, 22 & 29, October 6, 20 & 27.

Seta’s Cafe

Seta believes that good food is simple food. All of their food is made from scratch and cooked to order using the freshest ingredients. They butcher all their meat, make their own bread and source locally when possible. They take old traditions, mix it with modern ones, add a bit of Mediterranean flare and serve a simple, good, home cooked meal.


At the market: All season

Sfolia Baking Company

Sfolia, a Belmont-based baking company, produces handmade Italian baked goods. Whether it’s their cookies or crackers, Sfolia’s is sure to satisfy any sweet or savory appetite.

At the market: All season.

Signal Rock Farm

Signal Rock Farm sells lamb, sheep’s milk, and wool from animals grass-fed with a small amount of grain, with no feed-grade hormones or antibiotics to ensure a healthy diet.

At the market: May 26, Jun 23, Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 13 & 27.

Stillman’s Farm

Stillman’s Farm is a family-owned farm, committed to producing conscientiously grown and raised produce and meats.

At the market: All season.


How did it all begin? It started with our arrival in North America, initially in Canada and then onwards to New England, where swissbäkers was established.

In ‘98 our kids stopped eating bread. Why – we asked? Being kids of bakers’, they simply missed the “crunch”! So we reintroduced them to the “crunch” by baking Swiss breads and rolls in Helene’s kitchen. Helene & Thomas continued this tradition in the downtown area of Boston and then expanded to Boston’s suburbs.

Today swissbäkers’ entire product line is still produced in Helene’s & Thomas’ bakery, meeting all local and regional health department codes.

At the market: All season.


The HERB FARMacy is a ten-acre certified organic farm and nursery specializing in culinary and medicinal herbs, antique flowers and heirloom vegetables, as well as hand-crafted herbal vinegars, body lotions, face creams and skin moisturizers, and honey.

At the market: All season.

Turtle Creek Winery

Turtle Creek Winery is a fourteen-year-old boutique winery just three miles from Lexington. On a small scale, they are producing the best classic wines from noble grapes.

At the market: Every other Tuesday beginning June 2nd.

Wright-Locke Farm

Wright-Locke Farm is a certified organic farm located next door to Lexington in Winchester, Massachusetts that has been operating for almost 400 years. They offer a full line of certified organic vegetables that are super-local and picked fresh for the Lexington market.  They also have an acre of certified organic raspberries and will sell the berries at the market as well as at their popular U-Pick operation from August – October.

At the market: All season.