Lexington Farmer's Market

2018 Small Yet Mighty Winter Market Farmers & Vendors

Bell & Goose Cheese Co

Bell & Goose Cheese Co. is a woman-owned business located on the NH/MA border specializing in a variety of aged cow’s milk cheeses. Owner, Anna Cantelmo, has a passion for supporting dairy farmers and the large swaths of land they care for. She sources the cow’s milk for her cheese just ten minutes down the road from her house where she lives with her husband (co-owner of Heron Pond Farm) and children Belle & Gus. Bet you can’t guess her son’s nickname!

At the market: All season.

C and C Lobsters and Fish

C&C Lobsters and Fish is a family-run lobster business providing fresh-caught local live lobsters and fish year-round.The fish is caught daily (local when available), cut fresh, and picked up the morning of the market. C&C Lobsters and Fish welcomes preorders, and can make deliveries to homes and businesses.

At the market: All season.

Copicut Farms

Copicut Farms, located in Dartmouth, is owned and operated by a fourth generation Massachusetts farm family. They provide the community with pasture-raised poultry, pork, and eggs while treating their animals and the environment with the utmost respect and care. All of their animals are raised outdoors, and have constant access to their chemical-free pastures where they are free to forage for grass, legumes, and insects. The supplementary grain they feed their animals is sourced from New England farms and is 100% GMO-free.

At the market: All season.

Deano’s Pasta

Deano’s Pasta is a fourth-generation local pasta maker in Somerville, MA and has been making artisan noodles, raviolis, and sauces since 1947. Deano’s pastas and sauces are all-natural, non-gmo, locally handcrafted and hand-packed to assure the highest quality.
Deano’s Pasta uses signature 100% semolina dough and works in small batches daily. Deano’s participates in over 20 local farmers markets, is available in local speciality food shops and has a retail shop in Somerville.

At the market: All season.

Del Sur

Del Sur caters to your health needs while saving you time and nourishing your body with a fusion of Argentine and Chilean flavors! Using local ingredients, their empanadas come in a variety of flavors that excite the taste buds while still providing a healthy, easy, and fun meal.

At the market: All Season.

Heron Pond Farm

Heron Pond Farm is a four season farm in South Hampton, NH that grows 250 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Farming year round allows them to grow and maintain an incredibly skilled and experienced staff whose passion brings higher yields, quality, and flavor to their food all year long. This winter they will be bringing winter greens, root veggies, squash, and more!

At the market: All season.

Merton’s Maple Syrup

Merton’s Maple Syrup is a 4,000 tap, wood-fired maple operation located in Putney, Vermont. Tim Merton produces 1,500 gallons of syrup a year in his 150 year old sugar shack.

At the market: 1/6.

River Rock Farm

River Rock Farms raises beef cattle and provides USDA-inspected, natural, dry-aged beef to retail customers and restaurants.  Cattle are raised in pastures and are not treated with artificial hormones, growth stimulants, or antibiotic feed additives.

At the market: All season.

Roasted Granola Company

Based in Lexington, The Roasted Granola makes small batches of granola that is good for you and delicious! Their granola is made with the freshest ingredients, using local honey and fresh Greek olive oil, cranberries chopped by hand, and roasted nuts. Emily & Sally, the talented sisters behind The Roasted Granola are excited to be opening a new cafe in Arlington in the coming months.

At the market: All season.


Swissbäkers started with their arrival in North America, initially in Canada and then onwards to New England, where Swissbäkers was established. In ‘98 their kids stopped eating bread. Why? Being kids of bakers’, they simply missed the “crunch”! So they reintroduced them to the “crunch” by baking Swiss breads and rolls in Helene’s kitchen. Helene & Thomas continued this tradition in the downtown area of Boston and then expanded to Boston’s suburbs.

Today Swissbäkers’ entire product line is still produced in Helene’s & Thomas’ bakery, all handmade with no additives or artificial ingredients.

At the market: All season.


The HERB FARMacy is a ten-acre certified organic farm and nursery specializing in herbs, old fashion flowers and heirloom vegetables, and over 900 varieties of potted plants – all grown on their farm and available at their retail greenhouse. For the winter they will be specializing in microgreens, shoot, and sprouts along with their herbal products.

At the market: All season.