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The LFM is accepting SNAP in our summer market and doubling up to $15!


Check out our 2016 SNAP video below.

Thanks to Meryl Ayres for sharing her creativity and talent to make this video!

If you would like to make a donation, please contact [email protected] or make your donation right here right now!

The Lexington Farmers’ Market has an incredible, committed, hard-working team that believes that everyone, regardless of income, should have the opportunity to eat healthy, high-quality food that nourishes both the body and the community. The Lexington Farmers’ Market was one of the first in the Boston metrowest area to accept SNAP, and this will be our 7th year working with SNAP.

In order to lower the economic barriers of eating fresh, local food, the market has focused on not only implement the use of SNAP (formerly EBT or food stamps), but to double the purchasing power of SNAP dollars at the market.

When SNAP customers shop at the LFM, we provide them with DOUBLE their SNAP money (up to $15). Thus, one is able to purchase 30$ worth of nutrient dense, farm fresh foods for $15.

We have also implemented a new program called “Close the Gap!” At the end of the month, when SNAP benefits run low, it can be difficult. On the last Tuesday  of the month, the LFM gives market coupons totaling $10 to anyone who shows their SNAP card even if there is no money to spend on that card, as well as the regular doubling.

In addition, we seek to provide other means of food assistance. This year, we purchased enough produce from our farmers to fill an entire van which was donated to the Bedford Veterans Hospital on their Homeless Veterans Day in August.

While we do not have hundreds of SNAP customers like other markets in the state, every week 7 or 8 families approach the market manager’s tent to redeem their SNAP benefits. And for every family that needs it, SNAP makes a difference.

Most are families that return every week, building the LFM into their lives and weekly routine. Most have young children. But that’s not always the case. This year we had adults that had been through a hard year and needed help to make ends meet, we had community members who have lost jobs, and those on disability, including older residents. And we even have customers who used to be on SNAP, coming back to donate towards the program because they were thankful that it was there when they needed it.

Everyone’s story is different, and everyone is working hard to eat healthy, local food. We heard a lot of feedback last year that people couldn’t have shopped at the market without the SNAP doubling, or Close the Gap, and it was very important to their families.

We want to continue to make this possible, but it’s hard to ask the same people year after year to donate.Every year Via Lago makes a large donation, and LFM volunteer Liza Connolly spends weeks putting together an auction of goods that farmers and vendors have donated. It’s amazing- but now, I’m asking you.

I am asking you to donate, whatever you can, small or large, to continue to support our community members who need a little extra help.

We need your help to continue the SNAP doubling program.  We are looking to raise $3500 to get us through 2016. We hope to continue to double SNAP, close the gap, and donate produce when we can.

LFM isn’t a non-profit, which means your donation is not tax-deductible. That doesn’t change the impact you will make, or diminish the help you will give so local individuals and families have access to local, healthy food. Please support the LFM in any way that you can, and if you cannot, I hope you are able to support another organization that is important to you.


We Accept SNAP! (Resources/info here)

  • SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is more commonly known as food stamps
  • The average monthly SNAP benefit per person, per meal is $1.36
  • 4,600 households in Lexington and surrounding towns participate in SNAP
  • 863,000 Massachusetts residents, or 13% of the state population (1 in 8)
  • The majority of SNAP recipients in Massachusetts are children, elderly, or disabled.
  • In Massachusetts many households still struggle to put food on the table: 10.6% of households were “food insecure,” or struggled to afford a nutritionally adequate diet, in 2011-2013.
  • 11.9% of the population lived below the poverty line in 2013.
  • 16.0% of children lived below the poverty line in 2013.
  • 8.8% of elderly lived below the poverty line in 2013.
For our SNAP Customers

  1. Visit the Market Manager’s Tent
  2. Decide how much you might want to spend, receive market certificates, and DOUBLE your benefits, while funding is available

 Why Use SNAP at the Market?

  • 68% – 80% locally spent money stays in the community
  • Get more SNAP dollars thanks to the outreach program
  • Produce and goods are fresh-picked that day and taste great!
  • Environmental benefits include less packaging and transportation