Lexington Farmer's Market


The LFM SNAP Program:
The LFM doubles SNAP dollars (up to $15) and on the last Tuesday of the month we give $10 to anyone who shows their SNAP card even if there is no money to spend on that card, as well as the regular doubling.

Using HIP Benefits at the LFM:
Three of our vendors participate in the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) allowing users to earn additional dollars in SNAP benefits for each dollar spent on fruits and vegetables (monthly cap applies)

Please consider supporting our SNAP Program

If you would like to make a donation, please contact [email protected]or make your donation right here right now!

WE NEED YOUR HELP. The Lexington Farmers’ Market was one of the first in the Boston Metrowest area to accept SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), a program now in it’s eighth year. When SNAP customers shop at the LFM, we double their SNAP benefits up to $15, making it possible to purchase $30 worth of healthy, fresh foods for $15. On the last Tuesday of the month, when SNAP benefits run low, the LFM also provides market coupons totaling $10 to anyone with a SNAP card. THIS YEAR, THE INCREASE IN DEMAND FOR SNAP HAS BEEN ASTOUNDING: the number of daily SNAP customers at the LFM is up 150% and SNAP matching funds are up more than 120% since last year.


A recent article written by Gus Schumacher discusses the success of the statewide Healthy Incentives program and the substantial increase overall in SNAP dollars spent at farmers’ markets, including the Lexington Farmers’ Market (Farmers Market Snap Incentive Program Exceeds 1.2 Million in Massachusetts). This is good news: it means that families, seniors and individuals in need of food assistance are buying more healthy, local food at farmers’ markets with their SNAP benefits, which in turn helps our local farmers and food vendors. It is a win-win-win, but also means substantial demands for increases in LFM fundraising.


To fund the LFM’s SNAP program through 2017, WE NEED TO RAISE $6,600, a significant increase from last year. Through fundraising events and individual contributions up to now, we’ve made a substantial dent, but still need to raise at least an additional $1,100 this year.


Please help us continue to provide nutritious local food to everyone in our community by making a donation, large or small, to the Lexington Farmers’ Market. You can use the Paypal account below, make a donation at the market or send a check; for more information, email [email protected]. Note that for donations of $500 or more, there is the potential for a tax deductible contribution.


Thank you for being part of this generous and caring community.


Donate online now via PayPal with this direct link:


Every dollar counts:
  • $15 provides one SNAP recipient an extra $15 for healthy food
  • $60 allows one family to double their SNAP dollars for one month
  • $100 helps ten senior citizens to “Close the Gap” when their benefits run low
  • $150 gives ten families $15 more for locally-grown and locally-produced food for their tables.

Thank you to the LFM friends and family who have already graciously donated to the LFM’s SNAP program to help us ensure every individual and family has the opportunity to eat healthy, high-quality food.


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the nation’s most important anti-hunger program.

  • 4,600 households in Lexington and surrounding towns participate in SNAP
  • In 2016, SNAP reached 779,000 Massachusetts residents, or 11% of the state population (1 in 9)
  • More than 56% of SNAP recipients in Massachusetts are in families with children and 48% are in families with members who are elderly or have disabilities
  • The average monthly SNAP benefit per person, per meal is $1.41
  • In Massachusetts many households still struggle to put food on the table: 9.7% of households were “food insecure,” or struggled to afford a nutritionally adequate diet.